Starboard S-Type 104, German Surf, March 2007
Test Results

On Land:
It's for sure no coincidence that the S-Type is ready to go on the start line in aggressive-red. The sharp design- bulky in the front, slender in the back, the deck is almost straight with hardly any curve towards the nose- reinforces a sporty line, according to which the form follows the function, not the other way around. The performance oriented fin which sits solid in the tuttle box is a good match.

On Water:
Starboard's red rocket with its aggressive optic really doesn't promise too much. A combination of slalom rocker line and freeride outline, combined with light weight in the "wood" version lets the board partake in any discipline. Just as expected by the look of it, the S-Type lies flat on the water, it hangs sprightly on the foot, but the nose stays always nice and flat on top of the chop even in powered up conditions. Wheelies are no worries even in strong gusts. With so much power in the tail as the Starboard provides it is for sure also suitable for slalom races in strong winds. Especially for hobby "speed junkies" this board will be a lot of fun because the euphoric speed trip is followed by a pleasant surprise in the jibe: the S-type pulls you into the carve with full speed, it then demands a little leadership but, again, shoots out of the carve with nearly full planning speed . For this reason, the S-type would not be the favorite choice for maneuver oriented surfers. Even though the board jumps well, it feels a bit heavy on your foot in mid air- the feeling doesn't animate to playing around and sharp turns are not the best characteristic of this board as well.

A performance oriented freeride board with very good jibe characteristics. It is stable and controllable, even intermediate surfers can reach the top speed potential.

For sportive freeriders who like to blast at full speed

· Print Cherry on March 22 2007 00:06:17