Half planing board, half daggerboard raceboard, the Hybrids are designed for racing in 3 to 33 knots.

In sub-planing and light-planing winds, the Hybrid's large daggerboard and powerful biting rails power the board upwind. In high-winds, the daggerboard retracts and the wide planing shape takes over as the deep racing tail-fin provides the most efficient lift.

With their widestyle shapes, the planing threshold is lower than that of narrow-style raceboards, which means that racers can choose to opt for planing performance sooner. Planing off the daggerboard, which can be the most effective way to reach the upwind mark in medium winds, is also achieved sooner.

A Hybrid Class: racing on a single board that works from 3 to 33 knots, with design updates allowed only once every 4 years and with simple equipment price limitations set, the concept of Hybrid Class has gained steady popularity since its introduction in January 2006.

In France, the Hybrid Class has become the official FFV Youth class and the Starboard Hybrid Race and Hybrid Formula are amongst the 5 officially selected Hybrid boards.

The Hybrid Race is narrower and longer than the Hybrid Formula, making it more suitable for lighter sailors or lighter winds. The deep-double-concave bottom shape concept is designed to increase the hull's efficiency when fully planing without increasing width that would otherwise compromise its non-planing speed.

The Hybrid Formula is wider and its planing hull is based more closely on a Formula board's shape to maximize planing performance. At low sub-planing speeds, the duck tail forms a trailing edge for the water flow, increasing the board's waterline length, reducing drag and increasing rail bite. As the board speed increases, the tail clears the water and the board releases into full planing mode.

In German SURF magazine's May 2006 issue the Starboard Hybrid Formula together with the Olympic RS:X led the Hybrid group test as the board that was always one of the fastest in all conditions, always one of the top two choices by each test rider: "From all 5 boards, the Hybrid Formula has the most neutral concept with a touch of a long Raceboard. Whether in light winds, with daggerboard down and mast track in the front position like a long raceboard, or in strong winds in any direction, the Hybrid Formula remained very controlled, stable and always one of the fastest. Conclusion: The first choice for hobby racer who want to compete with a Hybrid board in the new raceboard class."


  • Racing boards for 3-33 knots
  • Specifically designed for Hybrid Class racing
  • Hybrid Race: narrower, longer design for lighter winds or lighter sailors
  • Hybrid Formula: wider Formula-based hybrid for more power and heavier sailors

Model Volume


Sail range

Drake Fin
Fin range
Fin box
Hybrid Formula 230 277(planing)
82 64 - 15.7 6.0-11.0 R13 Race NR 600
+ Racing Daggerboard 700
55-70 Deep Tuttle
Hybrid Race 220 287 77 56 14.05 - - R13 Race NR 540
+ Racing Daggerboard 700
55-70 Deep Tuttle
* +/- 6% tolerance. Indicated weight excludes straps, fins and fittings.